About the Curtis


Here at the Curtis Theatre, we’re all about sharing exciting, engaging, & moving theatre in an intimate 199-seat space. We’re thrilled that when we say “there’s not a bad seat in the house” we know it to be true. Living life live is just one of the many mantras we hope to instill in our patrons – there is a certain joy in laughing, feeling, experiencing something live and vibrant next to a couple hundred people you’ve never met before. Being located in the Brea Civic & Cultural Center gives us a sense of community in serving our beloved city and allows us to exist in a hub of cultural arts that feeds our passion for theatre, music, and art every day. We invite you into our joy, discovery, and celebration of live theatre – read up on what it’s like to put together a production before you see one, explore intricate costume choices, and delve into the personalities of the actors on our stage.

We want you to see a show, we want you to buy a ticket, but even more than that – we want you to experience the journey from script to stage and live life live right along with us!

For more information about our theatre, visit our website at http://www.curtistheatre.com or follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/curtistheatre


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