Doo Wop in time for Mother’s Day

18221931_10155088588041263_6842608261233703530_nAudience favorites, The Alley Cats, are back with more Doo Wop hits, & even more personality! They’re just returning from the Moscow Spring A Capella Festival in Russia where they competed with over 167 a capella groups to bring home the 2nd place prize.


When asked by FloVoice how it feels to be a part of such a huge festival, the Alley Cats shared:

“We believe music has no borders and the opportunity to perform in Russia right now is unique and we will savor every moment. It is also a feeling of gratitude and respect for what we have done as a group over the last 30 years it’s a real honor to be chosen to attend.”

The Alley Cats got their start right here in Orange County when founding members, Mando Fonseca & Royce Reynolds, started an a capella group at Fullerton College. They’ve gained new performers since then, opened for Jay Leno and Joan Rivers, and performed at the White House.

Even with all their success this past weekend and their continuous touring, they made some time to share some thoughts with us before their upcoming performance on our stage for Mother’s Day weekend.

Curtis Theatre: How did you get interested in Doo Wop?

Mando Fonseca: My parents listened to this music and I lends itself well to A Cappella and our humor.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration for the music that you create?

Our audience. We listen to their request and choose new material based on what we are asked for!Alley Cats - Dressing Room

What’s your favorite part of performing for a live audience?

Making people laugh!

Do you have any lucky charms or pre-show rituals you always do before going on stage?Alley Cats - Backstage2

We all circle up our our hands in and say “don’t suck” on three. Then we pat each other’s backs and say “I got your back”. We even have t-shirts that say “I’ve got your back”.

How do you involve the audience in what you do on stage?

We get them laughing and break down that wall.

If your show was an animal, what animal would it be?

Chimp since we tend to Monkey around…..

What do you hope we walk away from the show feeling?

Joyful and inspired. And hopefully you leave all your worries for a couple of hours!AC-Shoot-1-358


The Alley Cats perform May 13 & 14, 2017. Saturday at 4PM & 8PM, Sunday at 3PM. Tickets are on sale now. Visit our website or call the Box Office at 714-990-7722 Tues-Fri 12PM-3PM. Have questions? Contact us! 

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