“Rock Legends”: the (re)quest to find the most air guitar worthy song

This weekend, we fell back in love with all the rock classics as we listened to Elvis, the Beatles, the Eagles, the Stones, Patsy Cline and more! We started the three-show weekend off by welcoming in the entire Rock Legends team into the theatre to get started on set up & sound check.IMG_6528.JPGBefore each show, audience members were invited to share their first rock concert as well as fill out request cards in the lobby. The lobby was abuzz with shared stories of first live music experiences & discussions of Beatles vs. Stones (one of the questions on the request card). Billy McGuigan admitted in the show that while his father was Team Beatles, he had learned that you can, in fact, love both rock legends.

IMG_6516.JPGIMG_6519.JPGIMG_6541Once the concert began, audience members were on their feet, dancing and cheering on Billy McGuigan & the band.  It’s easy to fall into that warm nostalgia feeling when you’ve got musicians as talented as these ones. IMG_6579.JPGIMG_6571.JPG


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